Gifts that Inspire a Healthy Lifestyle

With the Christmas season rapidly approaching, attention has turned towards gift giving. After a year where health has been the focus of our attention, it is only natural that we would want to buy gifts that inspire a healthy lifestyle for our loved ones. Health is the one thing money can’t buy, but if we live a healthy lifestyle our well-being will improve.

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When my husband and I met we were both in our 40’s and each had a house full of furniture. We had enough “stuff”. Our presents to each other are usually “experiences” rather than more “stuff”. For example, a sunset boat cruise with dinner, a weekend away, or a fishing charter trip. One of my favourite gifts was a day at a spa for pampering. We’ve also bought each other concert and theater tickets, a snorkeling trip and a whale watching boat cruise.

At the top of my wish list this year is a gift voucher for massages which I have regularly for my back pain. The gift of quality time together is priceless to me, as our time together is limited by our work hours – my husband regularly works away from home, and I do shift work. Having said that, it is still nice to receive a gift sometimes and why not give someone a gift that can inspire a healthy lifestyle. Here are some ideas for gifts for your loved ones.


  • gift certificate for massages
  • sports shoes
  • exercise equipment e.g. hand weights (see my article The Best Workout Gear to Use at Home for some great ideas)
  • Hamper with beauty products, (ensure the moisturiser is sun friendly).
  • yoga mat
  • fitness tracker e.g. Fitbit
  • Air purifier
  • Workout gear and Sportswear: You feel better working out in comfortable clothes so a voucher to a sportswear shop like Lorna Jane, Nike or Rebel Sport allows them to buy workout gear that fits properly.
  • 10 visit pass for a gym
  • water filter


Gifts that inspire a healthy lifestyle in the Summer include:

  • pool toys e.g. beach ball,
  • beach games e.g. Volleyball,
  • surfboard, body board or stand-up paddle board
  • beach towel
  • Sun hat, beach bag
  • sunscreen
  • Picnic set


Gifts that your loved ones will love in the cooler months include:

  • mittens, gloves, scarf,
  • other outer wear to encourage outdoor activities
  • beauty products including Chapstick, moisturiser, body butter
  • indoor fitness equipment -e.g. yoga mat
  • mountain bike
  • hiking shoes,
  • skis, sled


Let your imagine go wild when selecting gifts for adventure lovers and adrenaline junkies. They would be up for sky diving or bungee jumping. Safer choices of gifts would include:

  • Voucher for an indoor climbing venue
  • camping equipment
  • theme park tickets
  • surfing lessons
  • boxing gloves and boxing bag


To Inspire a HEALTHY DIET, some ideas for gifts are:

I’d love to hear if you use any of these gift ideas! Please let me know by commenting below. If you enjoyed this, you may want to read:

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Buy gifts that inspire a healthy lifestyle for your loved ones this Christmas.
Buy gifts that inspire a healthy lifestyle for your loved ones this Christmas.
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