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  • Taking Some Time Out

    Taking Some Time Out

    After some time out from my blog, I feel I need to write about the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic and how it is affecting people in my local area

  • Time for my Covid-19 Vaccine

    I received the text to tell my it’s time for my Covid-19 vaccine. Having the vaccine will allow life to return to normal and protect me against Covid-19.

  • 2020 – My Unpredictable Year

    2020: The Year That Changed Everything Who could have predicted how 2020 would pan out?  This has been my most unpredictable year to date, and that’s saying something.  It feels like the rug’s been pulled out from under me, and I’m not alone in feeling that way. It has been an unpredictable year for many…

  • Being a patient in the midst of a pandemic

    Being a patient in the midst of a pandemic

    As I wrote in my previous post, I have been in and out of hospital since March, pretty much the whole time Australia has been in lockdown. Going through health issues during this time has been challenging to say the least. I was lucky to have my surgeries at all because elective surgeries were put…