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  • The Roles We Have Help Form Our Self Identity

    Our roles in life define our self identity. When one of the roles changes or disappears, our self identity can suffer as well.

  • Mixed Feelings on Mother’s Day

    Mixed Feelings on Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day has always been a day of mixed feelings for me. My mum passed away from cancer when I was 24. She was 54, the exact age I am now. A lifetime without my mum has been hard to bear at times, especially those times when your mum would be present for you, like […]

  • Letter to myself – aged 17

    Letter to myself – aged 17

    If you could write a letter to yourself at aged 17, what advice would you give yourself? We know ourselves much better the older we get- these life lessons mean we appreciate those things we took for granted at age 17.