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  • Mood Boosting Playlist for Midlifers

    My Spotify top 100 songs for 2020 was too good to not share it. These are the songs I listened to on repeat this year. Music boosted my mood during a challenging year.

  • The Best Anti-aging Skin Care Products

    I recommend these to be the best anti-aging skin care products based on my own experience. The products I use contain the ingredients that are known to assist in the anti-aging process. These products are suitable for sensitive and allergy prone skin.

  • Midlife – Why Label it a Crisis?

    Midlife crisis is the most searched term under Midlife. It is an inaccurate term because most midlifers have a strong identity

  • Midlife – why label it a crisis?

    Midlife – why label it a crisis?

    Midlife crisis does not accurately describe midlifers as it is reflective of them expressing their true self. Our sense of identity is well developed by midlife and we are more secure in expressing ourselves.

  • Living the Healthiest Version of Your Life

    Living the Healthiest Version of Your Life

    I want my remaining years to be as healthy as possible so I strive to overcome my health issues and live the healthiest version of my life as I can. No matter what your issues are, whether they are physical or mental, a lack of money or support, it is possible to live the healthiest version of yourself. Do what you can rather than focusing on what you can’t

  • How to be Self-Sufficient as a Sustainable Future

    How to be Self-Sufficient as a Sustainable Future

    Our retirement goals include creating a self sufficient lifestyle so that we can meet our basic needs. This will provide us with a sustainable future where we don’t need to rely on the Government for our needs.

  • The Half-Empty Nest

    The Half-Empty Nest

    When one of your children moves out of home it feels like a death – it is a loss, and you grieve for it like any other loss. It is not as acute as the death of a loved one but you still experience some of the same emotions

  • What’s with the Middle Aged Spread?

    We’ve all heard about the middle aged spread. Many of us in our 40’s and 50’s start to put on weight which seems to cling to our abdomen, hips and thighs. But why is that, and what can we do about it? I’ve always put weight straight on to my tummy. Looking at photos of […]

  • About Me

    About Me

    I first came up with the concept of writing this blog about 6 years ago, but never got around to starting it because it always seemed to be in the too-hard basket. In the meantime, I came up with many ideas for articles, so I wrote them in journals and always thought “one day I’ll […]

  • Midlife or Prime of our Lives?

    Midlife or Prime of our Lives?

    Midlife is a time of our lives when there are many challenges, such as health issues and grieving for parents, while at the same time it can bring joys such as financial freedom and grandchildren