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  • Melanoma – Are You At Risk?

    This is a transcript of the Melanoma – Are You At Risk? episode of the BRCA Gene Mutation and Cancer Awareness podcast. It includes an interview with Jordan Hill, who had a melanoma at age 24. Important information for everyone, to raise awareness of the signs of melanoma and how to protect your skin from UV damage.

  • I will GO PINK for Cancer Research

    I will GO PINK for Cancer Research

    I am passionate about research into genetic causes for cancer and other diseases. That is why I signed up to the GO PINK campaign because it raises funds for breast cancer research by the National Breast Cancer Foundation. If dying my hair pink raises awareness and funds, then I’ll do it even though I’m feeling anxious about looking weird with pink hair!

  • Beating BRCA2 – How it has Affected My Life

    Beating BRCA2 – How it has Affected My Life

    While the World Has focused on the Coronavirus, I’ve been beating cancer. I have BRCA2 gene mutation which gives me a very high chance of getting cancer so I’ve decided to undergo risk reducing surgery to minimise my risk.

  • Signs you need to see a doctor

    A doctor I worked with once said to me “if everyone gave up smoking I’d be out of a job”. That’s not strictly true, however, because even though the smoking rate has gone down since awareness campaigns and Government restrictions on the sale of cigarettes, there are still other risk factors that can predispose us […]