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  • Guide to The Regular Health Checks You Should Be Having

    Health Checks Ensure You Stay Healthy Introduction Regular health checks ensure you stay fit and healthy.  Many health problems are not apparent without health checks.  Regular checks you do yourself keep you in tune with your body.  A medical practitioner must also perform some checks.  This article will explain why it is important to have […]

  • Health Tips to Promote Women’s Health Week

    Women’s Health Week was from 7 – 11 September and is dedicated to all women across Australia to make good health a priority. Women’s health tips were posted daily on Midlifestylist’s social media accounts to promote women’s health.

  • My YouTube Debut – an Interview for Women Living Well Over 50

    My YouTube Debut – an Interview for Women Living Well Over 50

    I was interviewed with Sue Loncaric of Women Living Well Over 50 – we discussed staying positive despite the setbacks in life. It was my YouTube debut but it went well because Sue put me completely at ease and the conversation flowed freely

  • My Top Posts of 2019

    My Top Posts of 2019

    My healthy lifestyle blog has been my biggest achievement this year (apart from losing 17kg!). I’ve really enjoyed writing about a topic that I’m passionate about. The hardest part is the self promotion which goes against my introverted nature but it’s vital to gain followers if I want people to read my articles. MY TOP […]

  • Signs you need to see a doctor

    A doctor I worked with once said to me “if everyone gave up smoking I’d be out of a job”. That’s not strictly true, however, because even though the smoking rate has gone down since awareness campaigns and Government restrictions on the sale of cigarettes, there are still other risk factors that can predispose us […]