Gift Ideas for Someone Who Is Sick

Gift ideas for someone who is sick

Gifts that Bring Comfort to a Sick Person

It can be difficult to buy a gift that brings comfort to someone who is sick.  I have been on both sides of the sick role, as patient and nurse. While it is common to buy the usual chocolates and flowers, I will suggest alternatives that show you have put a little thought into the gift.

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Edible Gifts

Hospitalised people usually love a gift of their favourite food and drink.  Please check with the hospital first. Some hospitals have policies that ban home cooked food, or the patient may be on a restricted diet.  

Peppermint tea is very good for abdominal pain and is allowed on most diets.  Camomile tea may be used to aid sleep.  Most hospitals only supply black tea and coffee, and cows milk. If there is any other favourite beverage this usually goes down well.  Highly carbonated drinks are not a good idea for anyone who has had abdominal surgery as the gas can cause bloating and abdominal pain.

Fresh fruit is preferable to sweets and chocolates.  It is better for digestion and healthier.  Plain biscuits may be appreciated if the recipient is on a bland diet or has a lot of nausea.  Home made clear broth is usually allowed even on the strictest diet.  Other home made pureed soups are great because they are nutritious without being difficult to eat.

For people with a poor appetite, or those recovering from surgery or an injury, high protein snacks and drinks help with healing.

Gift Ideas for Someone Who is Sick.  A collage of suggested gifts - A soft blanket, reading material, peppermint tea, fruit, warm socks, books and magazines
Gift Ideas for Someone Who Is Sick

Gifts that bring Comfort

My boomerang pillow has been a vital comfort whenever I have been in hospital. Hospital pillows aren’t very soft, and a boomerang pillow helps me position myself comfortably.

A soft, warm blanket helps with comfort as well.  Because hospital rooms can be drafty, a small blanket or shawl can help to keep their shoulders warm when they are sitting out of bed, or can wrap around their legs.

Some people really feel the heat so a small portable fan can be a welcome relief.

A wheat bag or heat pad alleviates pain.  Check that the hospital policy allows it, and avoid using heat packs for elderly people or those with altered conscious levels as they can cause burns.

Wearable Gifts

Slippers should be chosen for safety as well as comfort.  Make sure they fit correctly and avoid scuffs for older people.  Badly fitting slippers account for many falls in elderly people.  See my post, Gift Guide for the Older Gentleman in Your Life for more suggestions on gifts for elderly people.

Pyjamas, a dressing gown and socks are nice gifts for someone who is sick.  Offering to do their washing is a very thoughtful suggestion.  

Other Gift Suggestions

Other gift ideas for someone who is sick include:

  • Things to while away the hours, e.g. packs of cards, puzzle books, magazines, books, games, DVDs or hand held games.
  • Toiletries, especially toothpaste and toothbrush, comb, body wash.
  • Offer to help with chores while they are recovering.  For those on restricted movement, offering to walk their dog or pick up some groceries would help.
  • Sometimes just being there to listen can be appreciated.  Being unwell, whether it is an acute illness, injury or surgery, or a chronic illness, can leave someone isolated and lonely.  Being a good listener can be more important than any gift.

I hope you found these gift ideas for someone who is sick useful.  If you enjoyed this, you may also enjoy:

For all your wellness products, buy from The Well Store, Australia.  

Purchase gift hampers from Gifts Australia.

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Christmas Shopping During a Pandemic

Christmas shopping in a pandemic

The Added Stress to pre-Christmas Preparations

Christmas shopping has taken on a new focus this year.  Normally the shops are packed leading up to the big day but this year the pandemic has added a level of anxiety to this already stressful period.  Now we have social distancing to consider, with limits to the number of shoppers allowed in at one time.  Christmas shopping during a pandemic is even more stressful than it normally is.

Many people aim to avoid the shops for fear of getting sick, especially if they are in a high risk category.  Online shopping is a growing sector of the market as shoppers strive to avoid the crowds.  It is best to purchase as early as possible because delivery may be delayed due to demand this year.

Christmas gifts under a decorated Christmas tree.  Online shopping is the answer to Christmas Shopping during a pandemic.
Christmas gifts under a decorated Christmas tree

Christmas Shopping During a Pandemic Is Stressful  

Personally I find Christmas shopping to be very stressful at the best of times.  The noise level gets on my nerves, with annoying sound tracks (never the nice versions of favourite Christmas carols) competing with screaming kids.  The pressure to buy the perfect gift is very high.  I had a full blown panic attack in the toy aisle one year.

Over the years my Christmas list has become shorter and shorter as the kids grow up and the adults agree to not buy presents for each other.  I try to do my Christmas shopping very early in the year to avoid the rush.  Most of my presents are purchased through online shopping this year.  Online shopping is my answer to avoiding the crowds and lower my stress levels. This post aims to introduce a few unique online sources of gifts.

Avoiding the Crowds with Online Shopping

I’m an affiliate for the following companies which means I will earn a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through my link.  Please see my full disclosure.

There are always a few people that are hard to buy for.  They’re the ones who are picky, or they have everything.  We’ve resorted to buying gift vouchers in the past but I definitely prefer to buy something meaningful.  

Christmas Shopping in a Pandemic - Online shopping is the answer to avoiding Christmas stress.  Photo of a woman using a laptop while resting.
Christmas Shopping in a Pandemic – Online shopping is the answer to avoiding Christmas stress.

Gifts Australia

If you are scratching your head trying to find a unique present, take a look at the Gifts Australia website.  They have some wonderful gifts on their site.  You can search for presents according to who will be the recipient, the price range and the occasion.  They offer free delivery over $99 within Australia, free gift wrapping and a gift card.  I love their hampers as they are full of quality goods and beautifully presented.

The Well Store

If someone on your list is health conscious, or vegan, or loves environmentally friendly products, have a look at The Well Store.  Their range is extensive so you are sure to find a unique gift.  Many people are making these lifestyle choices so buying them a thoughtful gift will be much appreciated. All of the products sold by The Well Store are non-toxic, natural, organic and cruelty free. The Well Store offers free delivery within Australia for purchases over $30, and Internationally for purchases over $50.

HideAWAY Bath and Body

Beautiful skin care, body and bath products can be purchased for someone special at HideAWAY.  This is a local company who handcraft their skin care range from locally sourced natural ingredients.  With names like Black Sugar, Frangipani Dream and Fantasea, their unique fragrances are very enticing.  A lovely gift from their range would be perfect for someone who appreciates prioritising time for self care. HideAWAY offers free shipping for purchases over $120.


If you live further afield, you may prefer to do your online shopping from Amazon.  Amazon’s website showcases gift ideas for all price ranges and gift categories. I’m waiting impatiently for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to complete my Christmas shopping for the year.  Black Friday is November 27 while Cyber Monday is 30 November.  These sales are eagerly anticipated as the discounts are huge.  

More Ideas to Help With Your Christmas Shopping

I have written two previous articles which you may like to read:  Gifts that Inspire a Healthy Lifestyle and Gift Guide for the Older Gentleman in Your Life.  I also have a free eBook “Survival Guide for the Holiday Season”.  It helps you reduce your stress and keep on track with your healthy lifestyle during this busy season. Christmas shopping during a pandemic doesn’t need to leave you stressed and run down.

How about you – do you love Christmas shopping or does it stress you out?  Are you someone who buys everything early, or do you leave it til the last minute?  I’d love to read your thoughts on this.

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Amazon Prime Day Sale is on now

Amazon Prime Day Sale is On Now

Amazon Prime Day is on the 13th October this year rather than July. This means you can get exclusive deals right when you need them – before the busiest shopping time of the year. Prime Day is a two day sales event exclusively for Amazon Prime members. There are already early deals online!

This post may include affiliate links which means I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Please see my full disclosure.

The Amazon Prime Day Sale

To access the exclusive sale, you need to be an Amazon Prime member. You can sign up for a one month trial of Amazon Prime for free, and you will only be charged if you don’t cancel your membership within the month. I have a feeling you may want to keep your membership because it has such amazing benefits, including:

  • Free delivery – unlimited shipping on millions of items (this depends on where you live and the item – see the Terms and Conditions on the Amazon site)
  • Award winning movies and TV shows. Watch exclusive content like Amazon originals
  • Over 2 million songs ad-free
  • Original Audio series from Audible

Why I use Amazon Prime

Prior to joining Amazon Prime I was paying nearly $20 for Netflix, $18 for Spotify and $13.99 for Kindle Unlimited per month. Now I can get all that plus more for $12.99 with Amazon Prime! (Note I still pay a small amount for my Kindle books). The movies and TV shows alone are worth joining up. I will be doing most of my Christmas shopping online this year and the vast choice on Amazon Shopping means I won’t have to buy from lots of different outlets.

Watch this Space for Deals

From now until the end of the Amazon Prime Day sale I will be posting deals as they come up. These will be selected for my readers based on what I know you will love. I am looking mainly at health products, fitness gear, walking shoes and clothes, home beauty & spa products, eco friendly items and books. Watch my social media profiles for more.

For example, here are some deals you can buy straight away:

This Kindle e-Reader Bundle is $169.97, down from $189.97. My price as an Amazon Prime member is $119.97. There are thousands of items with similar savings to this.

These walking shoes are a great price even with the shipping cost to Australia.

Such a bargain for a fitness tracker.

Keep watching this space for more deals as I see them. Some deals will only be available for a short time, but undoubtedly you will be able to buy a similar item for a great price if you miss out.

Don’t forget, the main sale is on the 13th and 14th October. Join up for a free 30 day trial with Amazon Prime to access the sale. Watch this page for great deals as I find them.

Amazon Prime’s Australian Sale has already started!

Here are the best deals I could find:

Fitbit Versa 2 $198.00, down from $299.95

Kindle eReader $99, save $40

Set of resistance bands $49.95, save $10

Nike shoes and clothing from $20.32

Sketchers shoes from $43.17 – $95.00

I will keep an eye out for more deals and add them as I see them.

Best Deals on Amazon US site

Up to 40% off all Adidas clothing, footwear and accessories

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Gift Guide for The Older Gentleman In Your Life

Gift guide for Father's Day

How to Buy Gifts for Your Grandfather and Father

I have read that some people are already shopping for Christmas presents! That is incredibly organised, but with shopping still not the experience we are used to due to social distancing, it is understandable that people want to get their shopping done early, and online. We have Father’s Day coming up in September in Australia so I thought I’d make a list of gifts that would be suitable for the older gentleman (father/grandfather) in your life. They are notoriously hard to buy for, because they either have everything or are stuck in a time-warp and not keen to try new gadgets or technology. But I have some ideas that might hit the spot, having shopped for my father, father-in-law, brothers and husband who all fit the description.

When Choosing Gifts for Older Men, keep in mind: 1. their comfort, 2. their safety, 3. convenience, and 4. let it be an expression of your love for them
When Choosing Gifts for Older Men, keep in mind: 1. their comfort, 2. their safety, 3. convenience, and 4. let it be an expression of your love for them

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Please see my full disclosure.

Choose gifts for older men with the following in mind: comfort, safety, convenience and love

As my father and father-in-law have aged, their mobility and dexterity have decreased. Gifts that can help them with tasks like reaching or picking things up, removing lids etc. would be much appreciated. Try these ideas:

  • Long handled brush
  • long handled shoehorn
  • jar opener
  • grabber
  • long-handled loofah

With age, many people suffer back pain and poor circulation. Add some comfort to their days with the following:

  • Lumbar support pillow
  • Wheat hot pack – please avoid buying if he has problems with his memory or sensation. Leaving heat wheat packs on for long periods, heating them too high or placing them on an area of the body with reduced sensation can lead to serious burns. Use with caution
  • Throw rug
  • Tray table
  • Portable fan, heater or air conditioner – ensure they have a safety cut-off switch if they are knocked over. Avoid heaters with a naked flame or gas fuel.
  • Foot stool

The safety of your older loved one is important, so make sure you look at the design of slippers and shoes. They should be non-slip and fit snugly to their feet so that trips and slips are avoided. Try these:

  • Non-slip slippers
  • Non-slip socks
Gift Guide for Older Men - 1. non-slip socks 2. long handled loofah 3. heat pack 4. tray table 5. dexterity gadgets 6. magazines and puzzle books 7. weather station 8. Kindle eReader 9. lumbar support pillow
Gift Guide for Older Men – 1. non-slip socks 2. long handled loofah 3. heat pack 4. tray table 5. dexterity gadgets 6. magazines and puzzle books 7. weather station 8. Kindle eReader 9. lumbar support pillow

As my parents and parents-in-law have aged, they spend more time at home. In order to keep their mind active, and improve their quality of life, the following gifts would be appreciated:

  • Kindle e-reader loaded with his favourite books
  • Subscription to their favourite magazine or newspaper
  • Weather station – for his obsession with the weather
  • BBQ set (long handled) and gourmet sauces
  • Valet stand to keep all their necessities in one place
  • Puzzle books to keep his mind young
  • Keyring locator so he never loses his keys again.

What Not to Buy For Older Men

After many years of buying presents for older men, I would recommend that you avoid buying the following:

  • T-shirts and shirts. They usually don’t fit well, and are not to your loved one’s liking. For example, they may only wear crew neck, a certain colour or style, or spend their days wearing old t-shirts and not the beautiful button-up dress shirt you lovingly chose for them. Most shirts end up in the back of the wardrobe or as oil rags.
  • Shoes or slippers that are poor fitting or not safe e.g. scuffs. Slippers and scuffs are the cause of many falls which is detrimental to their health – elderly men don’t bounce, they break.
  • Anything to do with their hobbies, or a hobby that you think would be a good idea for them to try. For example the men in my family all love fishing and gardening but they have very specific requirements when it comes to equipment for their hobby. Likewise tool organisation – I bought my husband a work bench and tool organisation system and I have never seen him use it. The shed still looks a mess.
  • Lotto tickets or gift cards. One of my relatives buys these for every birthday, Christmas etc. as gifts – I personally think it’s a cop-out with very little thought put into it. The one actual present she bought us – a beautiful soft baby blue blanket – is memorable and very special.
  • Alcohol – This falls into the same category as lotto tickets. Alcohol is neither special nor memorable and why feed a bad habit?!
  • A coffee mug – he will still drink out of his coffee stained, chipped mug because it’s his favourite one.
  • Anything that is too technical, for example a smart phone. My in-laws both went back to their old mobile phones because they couldn’t get used to a smart phone.

I hope you can find something suitable from my gift guide for older men – feel free to comment if it has helped you choose a gift, or if you can suggest any other gifts that he would like. You may also like to read Gifts that Inspire a Healthy Lifestyle.

Gift Ideas for Father's Day - how to buy gifts for older men.  A complete guide to selecting the best gifts with his comfort, convenience and safety in mind.
Gift Ideas for Father’s Day – how to buy gifts for older men. A complete guide to selecting the best gifts with his comfort, convenience and safety in mind.
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Gifts that Inspire a Healthy Lifestyle

With the Christmas season rapidly approaching, attention has turned towards gift giving. After a year where health has been the focus of our attention, it is only natural that we would want to buy gifts that inspire a healthy lifestyle for our loved ones. Health is the one thing money can’t buy, but if we live a healthy lifestyle our well-being will improve.

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Please see my full disclosure

When my husband and I met we were both in our 40’s and each had a house full of furniture. We had enough “stuff”. Our presents to each other are usually “experiences” rather than more “stuff”. For example, a sunset boat cruise with dinner, a weekend away, or a fishing charter trip. One of my favourite gifts was a day at a spa for pampering. We’ve also bought each other concert and theater tickets, a snorkeling trip and a whale watching boat cruise.

At the top of my wish list this year is a gift voucher for massages which I have regularly for my back pain. The gift of quality time together is priceless to me, as our time together is limited by our work hours – my husband regularly works away from home, and I do shift work. Having said that, it is still nice to receive a gift sometimes and why not give someone a gift that can inspire a healthy lifestyle. Here are some ideas for gifts for your loved ones.


  • gift certificate for massages
  • sports shoes
  • exercise equipment e.g. hand weights (see my article The Best Workout Gear to Use at Home for some great ideas)
  • Hamper with beauty products, (ensure the moisturiser is sun friendly).
  • yoga mat
  • fitness tracker e.g. Fitbit
  • Air purifier
  • Workout gear and Sportswear: You feel better working out in comfortable clothes so a voucher to a sportswear shop like Lorna Jane, Nike or Rebel Sport allows them to buy workout gear that fits properly.
  • 10 visit pass for a gym
  • water filter


Gifts that inspire a healthy lifestyle in the Summer include:

  • pool toys e.g. beach ball,
  • beach games e.g. Volleyball,
  • surfboard, body board or stand-up paddle board
  • beach towel
  • Sun hat, beach bag
  • sunscreen
  • Picnic set


Gifts that your loved ones will love in the cooler months include:

  • mittens, gloves, scarf,
  • other outer wear to encourage outdoor activities
  • beauty products including Chapstick, moisturiser, body butter
  • indoor fitness equipment -e.g. yoga mat
  • mountain bike
  • hiking shoes,
  • skis, sled


Let your imagine go wild when selecting gifts for adventure lovers and adrenaline junkies. They would be up for sky diving or bungee jumping. Safer choices of gifts would include:

  • Voucher for an indoor climbing venue
  • camping equipment
  • theme park tickets
  • surfing lessons
  • boxing gloves and boxing bag


To Inspire a HEALTHY DIET, some ideas for gifts are:

I’d love to hear if you use any of these gift ideas! Please let me know by commenting below. If you enjoyed this, you may want to read:

Image credits: Free photo 83062876 © creativecommonsstockphotos –

Buy gifts that inspire a healthy lifestyle for your loved ones this Christmas.
Buy gifts that inspire a healthy lifestyle for your loved ones this Christmas.
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