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  • How My Mastectomies Changed My Life … For the Better

    How My Mastectomies Changed My Life … For the Better

    Although I had complications after my mastectomies, my life has changed for the better. This is my personal journey after risk reducing mastectomies.

  • The end of the journey for a much-loved family member

    A Celebration of Life is an alternative to the traditional funeral. We had one for our much loved matriarch who passed away recently after a long battle with lung cancer.

  • Update on Resilience, My Word of the Year

    Improving my Resilience is My Goal for the Year My word of the year is resilience.  I thought I would update my readers on how my goal of improving my resilience is going.  Resilience means to keep trying despite setbacks, to never give up.  I chose this as my word of the year to inspire […]

  • A Positive Attitude Can Improve Your Quality of Life

    A positive attitude can improve your quality of life and contribute to longevity and improved health as you age.  A positive attitude to life has been shown by studies to increase your lifespan by 11 to 15%, and increase your odds of living to 85 years or more.  Other benefits of optimism include stress reduction, […]

  • Guide to The Regular Health Checks You Should Be Having

    Health Checks Ensure You Stay Healthy Introduction Regular health checks ensure you stay fit and healthy.  Many health problems are not apparent without health checks.  Regular checks you do yourself keep you in tune with your body.  A medical practitioner must also perform some checks.  This article will explain why it is important to have […]

  • Know Your Family and Personal Health History

    Information on why you need to know your family and personal health history. Diseases may be genetic and by keeping a record of your family’s health history, you may see a pattern of genetic conditions. Includes a free printable family and personal medical history form

  • Women of Courage Guest Post

    Women of Courage Guest Post

    I was asked to write a guest post for Denyse Whelan’s Women of Courage Series. Follow the link to my contribution to her series

  • We Went PINK for Breast Cancer Research

    We Went PINK for Breast Cancer Research

    I went pink to raise money for breast cancer research! Read about our team’s GO PINK dye day

  • I will GO PINK for Cancer Research

    I will GO PINK for Cancer Research

    I am passionate about research into genetic causes for cancer and other diseases. That is why I signed up to the GO PINK campaign because it raises funds for breast cancer research by the National Breast Cancer Foundation. If dying my hair pink raises awareness and funds, then I’ll do it even though I’m feeling anxious about looking weird with pink hair!

  • Beating BRCA2 – How it has Affected My Life

    Beating BRCA2 – How it has Affected My Life

    While the World Has focused on the Coronavirus, I’ve been beating cancer. I have BRCA2 gene mutation which gives me a very high chance of getting cancer so I’ve decided to undergo risk reducing surgery to minimise my risk.