Guides and Resources

Guides and Resources collage - gardening, exercising, working out, measuring waist.  These depict some of the articles on Midlifestylist that are guides and resources

This is a complete list of all the guides and resources you can find on Midlifestylist. I enjoy passing on my knowledge and ideas to other people so these are some of my favourite posts.

Recommended Courses

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I recommend the following courses for bloggers and other individuals and companies:

Blogging for New Bloggers – courses on starting a blog, Pinterest, Legal requirements, GDPR compliance, and templates for legal pages. Link to their school here. Some courses are free. Includes access to their Facebook group and Tailwind Tribes.

Boss Girl Bloggers – Pinterest with Ell course – recently updated with the new Pinterest information. Includes access to her Facebook group which is the best blogging group because Ell is very approachable and helpful. Link to her school here


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