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  • A Holiday at North Stradbroke Island

    A Holiday at North Stradbroke Island

    Our recommendations for a holiday at North Stradbroke Island, Queensland, Australia.

  • How My Mastectomies Changed My Life … For the Better

    How My Mastectomies Changed My Life … For the Better

    Although I had complications after my mastectomies, my life has changed for the better. This is my personal journey after risk reducing mastectomies.

  • Melanoma – Are You At Risk?

    This is a transcript of the Melanoma – Are You At Risk? episode of the BRCA Gene Mutation and Cancer Awareness podcast. It includes an interview with Jordan Hill, who had a melanoma at age 24. Important information for everyone, to raise awareness of the signs of melanoma and how to protect your skin from…

  • An Easter Celebration With My Family

    An Easter Celebration is all about my family. I enjoy creating food that everyone enjoys including these Vegan Choc-Nut Balls (recipe included)

  • Achieving Goals By Being Self Motivated

    Being self motivated helps you to reach your goals. It is part of being resilient and not giving up when the going gets tough. This is how self motivation has helped me, and how to develop that trait in yourself

  • Time for my Covid-19 Vaccine

    I received the text to tell my it’s time for my Covid-19 vaccine. Having the vaccine will allow life to return to normal and protect me against Covid-19.

  • Update on Resilience, My Word of the Year

    Improving my Resilience is My Goal for the Year My word of the year is resilience.  I thought I would update my readers on how my goal of improving my resilience is going.  Resilience means to keep trying despite setbacks, to never give up.  I chose this as my word of the year to inspire…

  • Infected Cat Bite Caution

    This is a cautionary tale about an infected cat bite. How Not to Say “I Told You So” I’ll preempt this by saying that I’m terrible at saying “I told you so” without coming across as a Know-it-all.  This is definitely a “what not to do” situation.  My fifty plus years of life have not…

  • A Very Special Birthday Celebration

    Celebrating a long life with joy My father-in-law turned 90 years old last week. I would like to share with you how we celebrated this special event in this post. It was a very special birthday celebration which almost didn’t happen because of sudden changes in travel restrictions. We were so lucky that the weekend…

  • My Word of the Year 2021 is Resilience

    My Word of the Year 2021 is Resilience

    Why I Am Choosing A Word of The Year Choosing a word of the year can be more effective than setting New Years’ Resolutions.  New Years’ Resolutions can fall by the wayside, whereas a Word of the Year embodies a positive quality that you wish to strive for throughout the year. In this post I…