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  • Gift Ideas for Someone Who Is Sick

    It can be difficult to buy a gift that brings comfort to someone who is sick. These gift suggestions are from someone who has been on both sides – as a nurse and a patient.

  • Christmas Shopping During a Pandemic

    Christmas shopping can be a stressful activity. The pandemic has added to the stress. Online shopping is the answer to avoiding the crowds this Christmas.

  • Amazon Prime Day Sale is on now

    Amazon Prime Day Sale is on now

    Amazon Prime Day is on the 13th October this year rather than July. This means you can get exclusive deals right when you need them – before the busiest shopping time of the year. Prime Day is a two day sales event exclusively for Amazon Prime members. There are already early deals online! This post […]

  • Boost Your Mood With Scented Products

    Scented products like candles, perfume and body lotions can boost your mood. This article will explain the connection between your sense of smell and your emotions. You can boost your mood with scent using essential oils and other beautifully scented products.

  • Gift Guide for The Older Gentleman In Your Life

    Buy gifts that dad and grandad will love. Buy gifts with his comfort, safety, convenience in mind, and to show your love for him. What to buy, and what not to buy.

  • Gift guide for the Older Gentleman in Your Life

    Gift guide for the Older Gentleman in Your Life

    Older men (dad and Grandad) are notoriously hard to buy gifts for because they have everything, plus they’re fussy. This gift guide for older gentlemen is the answer. Practical, useful gifts that will make his life more comfortable and add value to his daily life.

  • My Top Posts of 2019

    My Top Posts of 2019

    My healthy lifestyle blog has been my biggest achievement this year (apart from losing 17kg!). I’ve really enjoyed writing about a topic that I’m passionate about. The hardest part is the self promotion which goes against my introverted nature but it’s vital to gain followers if I want people to read my articles. MY TOP […]

  • Gifts that Inspire a Healthy Lifestyle

    Gifts that Inspire a Healthy Lifestyle

    Gift ideas that will inspire someone to have a healthy lifestyle. Recommended gifts for everyone in your life. Ideas for small or large budgets