Author: Christina Henry

  • Update on Resilience, My Word of the Year

    Improving my Resilience is My Goal for the Year My word of the year is resilience.  I thought I would update my readers on how my goal of improving my resilience is going.  Resilience means to keep trying despite setbacks, to never give up.  I chose this as my word of the year to inspire…

  • A Weekend in the Lamington National Park

    Exploring the Beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland My husband had two weeks off recently due to an infected cat bite on his thumb.  We had some time on our hands and, because we hadn’t been away since last March, we decided to make the most of it.  Luckily we live in one of the most beautiful…

  • Infected Cat Bite Caution

    This is a cautionary tale about an infected cat bite. How Not to Say “I Told You So” I’ll preempt this by saying that I’m terrible at saying “I told you so” without coming across as a Know-it-all.  This is definitely a “what not to do” situation.  My fifty plus years of life have not…

  • Clarifying Your Values for Deeper Self Awareness

    By clarifying your values, you will understand your inner self – what makes you tick. Clarifying your values will lead to a deeper self awareness. Values conflicts cause an emotional reaction so you can manage your emotions by knowing which values are important to you.

  • Celebrating Australia’s Birthday

    January 26th is Australia Day, the anniversary of the First Fleet landing in Sydney Cove in 1778. Although there are calls for Australia Day to be moved to another date, I still celebrate my adopted country’s birthday.

  • A Very Special Birthday Celebration

    Celebrating a long life with joy My father-in-law turned 90 years old last week. I would like to share with you how we celebrated this special event in this post. It was a very special birthday celebration which almost didn’t happen because of sudden changes in travel restrictions. We were so lucky that the weekend…

  • Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

    Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

    A Holiday At Home – Staycation I have previously written about making the most of your staycation and suggested ideas for having a holiday at home.  I wrote that blog post at the beginning of 2020, before lockdowns and social distancing were an everyday reality.  Already many people were changing their travel plans because of…

  • My Word of the Year 2021 is Resilience

    My Word of the Year 2021 is Resilience

    Why I Am Choosing A Word of The Year Choosing a word of the year can be more effective than setting New Years’ Resolutions.  New Years’ Resolutions can fall by the wayside, whereas a Word of the Year embodies a positive quality that you wish to strive for throughout the year. In this post I…

  • A DIY High Tea For a Special Occasion

    A DIY High Tea is a great theme for a special occasion. For a birthday, hens’ night, fundraiser, girls’ night out, Mother’s Day, baby shower or family celebration. Everything you need to decorate it is easy to obtain from second hand shops and discount stores, which makes it budget friendly.

  • Coping With Loss and Grief After Major Life Changes

    This article is about coping with loss and grief after major life changes such as ill health and the death of a loved one.