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Christina Henry has a passion for living a healthy lifestyle in your midlife and beyond. This website is for midlifers, and discusses topics such as planning for retirement, healthy diet and lifestyle, empty nest and grieving, weight loss, self sufficiency and health. Christina is a Registered Nurse and mother to two adult sons from the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Meet Christina Henry

Welcome to Midlifestylist, a website aimed at people in their midlife, to inspire them to live a healthy lifestyle. I have a passion for health promotion which stems from my 30 years as a Registered Nurse. I believe that, given the right tools and knowledge, anyone can live a healthy lifestyle. Even if you have issues that hold you back, there is a way to a healthier life. I aim to pass on my knowledge and insight into living with health issues through the articles in my blog.

I first came up with the concept of writing this blog about 7 years ago, but never got around to starting it until 2019 because it always seemed to be in the too-hard basket. In the meantime, I came up with many ideas for articles, so I wrote them in journals and always thought “one day I’ll get around to starting that blog”. I never really had the confidence to put it into action.

Writing About My Own Health Challenges

Then last year I succeeded in losing a lot of excess weight, my confidence was restored, and I finally felt like I had something to back up what I was writing. I felt like I had gained enough insight into changing my lifestyle to actually advise other people. There’s no point in giving people lifestyle advice if you yourself aren’t living a healthy lifestyle. The turning point for me was being able to lose 17kg and keep it off.

My focus in the last year has been on my health. I was diagnosed with the BRCA2 gene mutation in March 2020. My struggles with my health have been documented in this blog, with a focus on recovery from surgeries including bilateral mastectomies. I also discuss hereditary illnesses, in particular cancer, as it has affected my family through multiple generations.

The Inspiration behind Midlifestylist

I’ve been writing all my adult life. I’ve had two other blogs – This is Who We Are, which is about my family history, and My Healthy Heart, which was a journal about my heart condition. The idea for this blog has been in the pipeline for 7 years, and in that time I’ve married for the second time, renovated two homes, battled some health conditions, and gone through some major life challenges.

This blog is for people like me: people in the prime of their lives. I’m also a mother of two adult sons in their 20’s who still lived with us until this year. Our blended family also consists of 2 border collies, three cats, a budgie and a pond full of goldfish. My husband and I love to travel, eat good food and have started growing our own vegetables.

To read my previous blogs, go to This Is Who We Are and My Healthy Heart Journal

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