My Word of the Year 2021 is Resilience

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Why I Am Choosing A Word of The Year

Choosing a word of the year can be more effective than setting New Years’ Resolutions.  New Years’ Resolutions can fall by the wayside, whereas a Word of the Year embodies a positive quality that you wish to strive for throughout the year. In this post I will explain the reason my Word of The Year 2021 is Resilience. 

I have read articles from my favourite bloggers throughout 2020 that mention their Word of the Year.  Debbie Harris’ word for 2020 was Jump, while Elisabeth McKnight says that “A word of the year sets to your goals and direction in the new year.  By tying all of your goals back to your overarching word, it is easy to keep them front-of-mind.”  I like that the word becomes a common theme in their blog posts throughout the year, reminding us that they are keeping on track with their overall goal for the year.

Why I Chose Resilience as My Word Of The Year 2021

A running theme through many of my posts in 2020 was my prolonged recovery from several surgeries. I have had many setbacks in my journey towards recovery, therefore the need for resilience in my life has been in focus.  I have been inspired by other people who have overcome health issues, especially my parents-in-law.  Their resilience to aging and failing health has been admirable.

Resilience to my health challenges and the change in my lifestyle has been difficult to achieve.  I have really struggled during this time.  I am not good at adapting to change, so this enormous change in my life (going from a fully functional, healthy, productive member of society to being someone who can’t work because of ill health) has been really difficult.

Why I Want to Be Resilient

I want to become more resilient which means adapting to change better.  It also means persevering even when lack of progress tempts me to just give up.  It means finding inspiration in other people’s triumph over adversity.  Lastly, it means not being hard on myself when I have setbacks or am slow to improve.

Resilience collage - 8 images.  Slogans: You got this; A little progress each day adds up to big results; Be positive, patient and persistent; The best view comes after the hardest climb; Stay positive.
Resilience: Don’t Give Up

Inspiration from Businesses Who Are Resilient

Resilience was chosen as the Word of the Year 2020 by Arianna Huffington, CEO of Thrive Global in this article.  Huffington says that  she chose this word because resilience is a quality that will carry over from the challenges of 2020 into the New Year as we recover from the pandemic.  Resilience is the ability to get through challenges, but it also means using adversity as a catalyst to get better and become stronger.

Small businesses that were able to pivot during the pandemic were able to thrive.  For example, when lockdowns and restrictions forced the closure of cafes and restaurants, many of them turned to home delivery.  The closure of cafes and restaurants reduced the need for fresh produce.  One local company who previously supplied wholesale produce, offered home delivery and the demand soared.  Local manufacturers of bath and body products and even breweries started producing hand sanitiser to meet the demand.

What Being More Resilient Means To Me

I want more resilience so that I can overcome the health challenges I have faced in 2020, and become stronger and healthier both mentally and physically.  I want to strive for improved health and strength so that I can return to work this year.  And if that goal ends up not being achievable I want to be more resilient to my change in lifestyle.  I want to adapt to my new normal better, and become more accepting of it.  I want to learn more skills and broaden my knowledge so that I can change direction if necessary.  That will require me to be more resilient.

How I Will Achieve Resilience In 2021

I have taken steps already to build my resilience.  My fate is in my own hands so I took the first steps towards improved wellbeing.  My mental health was suffering so I started seeing a psychologist.  Being able to talk about my struggles and develop skills to deal with issues has been very worthwhile.  

I was not content with being held back from working due to my health so I sought help from my GP.  I am now seeing an Exercise Physiologist weekly and building my strength back.  It takes dedication and hard work but I am determined to do it.  My goal is to be back at work this year,to a job that requires both physical and mental fortitude.

My motto will be “Don’t Give Up”.  No matter how long it takes, I am determined to overcome the health struggles of 2020 and reach my goal.  I may need to pivot like successful businesses have done, but I will face that possibility if the need arises.  I am starting a course that will open up other career opportunities for me as a nurse.  That is my “Plan B” just in case.

Have you chosen a Word of the Year for 2021?  If not, you may find some inspiration in these articles:

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27 responses to “My Word of the Year 2021 is Resilience”

  1. Good for you!! I’ve also selected words of the year for the past several years and find that my life is enriched in so many ways as I experience how the word both exemplifies and teaches me something significant each year. For 2021, my word is GRATITUDE. ❤️


    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment. It is a brilliant characteristic, and the reason I chose it is because I’m lacking in resilience! It’s an attribute I am striving to achieve in my life. Regards, Christina


    • Hi Jo, I am enjoying reading everyone’s posts as well. It can be a bit soul-bearing to write about the one word that resonates with us. Thankyou for your kind messages, I wish you a healthy year as well, regards Christina


  2. This is a perfect WOTY for you Christina although I do believe you have shown great resilience during 2020. I’m looking forward to following your journey in 2021 and wish you and your family all the best for 2021. I took a break from blogging and am slowly returning. This year my focus is on ‘Self’ and it is just what I need at this point in my life. Thanks for linking up with Leanne and i for our ‘one-off’ WOTY link up. Take care xx


    • Hi Sue, thankyou for saying that. It was an incredibly hard year but I’m still striving for full health! I look forward to reading your blog posts – they are always inspiring. Self is a great word for where you are right now. Take care, regards Christina


  3. I love the concept of resilience because I feel it’s something I’m not and wish I could be. I get thrown off course so easily and that would be fine if I bounced back quickly but I tend to wallow a little – physically, emotionally, mentally – before things improve again. I think I’d like to have a more resilient ‘spirit’ if that makes sense.


    • Hi Deborah, resilience isn’t one of my natural traits either. I don’t really cope well with change and I get really discouraged when my progress is slow. I picked resilience because I need to work on it this year. Hopefully I’ll be stronger and able to cope more at the end of the year. Thanks for your comment, regards Christina


  4. A fantastic word for you Christina – I think you’ve already bounced back a fair way, and that’s why you feel the need to get even closer to what your old normal life looked like. I love that you’re being proactive with your recovery (mentally and physically) and I look forward to seeing how you progress through 2021.


    • Thank you for your lovely comment Leanne. You are right – I do want to get my life back to normal but I suspect it won’t be just like before. This has made me reassess a lot about my life, especially my work/life balance. I don’t want to work as many hours as I did before, that’s for sure! Thankyou for your encouragement, it means a lot, Christina


  5. Thanks again for mentioning my blog here Christina! I think resilience is a fabulous word for you having gone through so much over the past few years. All the best for 2021 and I look forward to continuing to see your progress.


    • Hi Debbie, I’m so glad you don’t mind me mentioning your blog! You’ve been an inspiration to me, to keep being positive even with injuries that hold you back. Thankyou for your encouragement, regards Christina


  6. Best of luck to you. Resilience was part of my WOTY when I was dealing with my cancer treatment. I had an acronym that year…SOAR – savor, optimism, activate, and resilience – 2 things to do, 2 things to be. While complicated, the doing aspects of savor and activate really helped me… but I am a planner and doer. Wishing you a strong year!


    • Hi Pat, that is a great acronym. I’m very lucky that this was a preventative mastectomy and I didn’t need to go through cancer treatment. I am grateful every day that I was able to have preventative surgery. I hope you are well now. Thankyou so much for your comment, regards Christina


  7. Resilience is a wonderful word to focus on this year. “Don’t give up” is a perfect mantra. I think I must remember that the next time I am struggling on a run! 🙂

    You are lucky you have your in-laws to be good role models for your word. I look forward to reading your thoughts on resilience this year!


  8. Resilience is a great word. When I was job searching, I found a list of work description from my field- behavioral health- and “emotional resilience” impressed me.

    My word for 2021 is “consistency”.


    • Hi Tiffany, That’s an interesting job description, but what a great trait to have. You’ve actually given me an idea – I think I’ll encorporate reading some books on emotional resilience this year. A lot of my struggle is emotional and mental so that would really help me. Thanks for your lovely comment, regards Christina


  9. Love your word and as others have mentioned you probably need to give yourself greater credit for the resilience you have already shown in 2020 as lots challenged you from a recovery view point.

    Welcome back to Life This Week in 2021 on my blog each Monday. Thank you for linking up this week. Next week the optional prompt is 2/51 Announcement on Mon11 Jan. Hope to see you back here then too. Take care, Denyse.


    • Hi Denyse, I do tend to be my own harshest critic, and I really don’t give myself credit as you say. Thank you for reminding me that I have made a lot of progress. I look forward to joining you for Life This Week again in 2021. Take care, Christina


    • Hi Corinne, I agree – last year really did test us all. I don’t think we realised how strong we actually were until we were all faced with the pandemic. Thanks so much for your comment, regards Christina


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