Mood Boosting Playlist for Midlifers

Music Affects Our Emotions

Music has a positive affect on our emotions.  I have always used music as a tool to uplift my mood.  Spotify sent me my list of songs I listen to the most, and it’s too good not to share.  I have dubbed my playlist the Mood Boosting Song List for Midlifers because listening to these songs never failed to uplift me this year.

Music Evokes Pleasant Memories

Music evokes memories of growing up in a very creative family.  My parents met because dad spotted mum singing in the Church choir.My parents loved music and we were brought up loving a variety of genres from classical music to rock.  My mother was a beautiful singer and I learned to harmonise by singing along to Eagles, Simon and Garfunkel and Fleetwood Mac. At Christmas we would stand around the piano while mum played Christmas Carols, and we’d sing along.  Mum would also entertain by playing the ukelele and singing fun folk songs.

Our family’s love of music goes back generations.  Dad’s father played the piano while silent movies played at the cinema.  Dad had 8 brothers and sisters and they all learned to play an instrument.  As a group they would play on stage to entertain a gathering. Some of the extended family became accomplished musicians.  My cousin played viola for the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. 

Mum playing Christmas Carols on the piano while everyone sings along.
Mum playing Christmas Carols on the piano while everyone sings along.

Passing My Love Of Music On

Both my sons both inherited the music gene and can play multiple instruments.  My elder son has played the drums in several bands and has a Diploma of Music.  He has made a business out of creating band tour videos and music videos. My love for music extended to singing in the choir. I taught my younger son to cook while playing our favourite tracks in the background. He is a content writer, but the first expressive material he wrote was song lyrics.

Starting them young - My sons at age four and one
Starting them young – My sons at age four and one

So you could say that music is in my blood. I have used music a lot this year to uplift my soul as it has been a really tough year. Music never fails to improve my mood.

Here is my Mood Busting Playlist for Midlifers:

Mood Boosting Playlist for Midlifers

What music do you use to uplift your mood? Please share in the comments.

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12 responses to “Mood Boosting Playlist for Midlifers”

  1. Those are excellent songs, Christina…all of them give me a boost and make me want to move. It truly is amazing how music can boost our spirits, soothe us, or make us emotional. I cannot listen to Josh Groban sing O Holy Night and not get chills and a tear in my eye. I’ve even tried to analyze it…but it’s better to just feel it.


  2. I love all those songs Christina and I create playlists for most events. My Turning 60 playlist is full of very similar songs and these you’ve shown, as well!


    • Hi Debbie, playlists are the way to go. Then you can make one for each mood too – I love listening to more upbeat music when I’m cleaning as it keeps me motivated, and soothing music when I’m having a bath or resting. Regards, Christina


  3. Hi Christina – I always wished I’d learned a musical instrument – it’s something I envy in others – oh yes, I’d also like to be able to sing in tune. I make up for it by singing with gusto instead!
    I must say that I love Fleetwood Mac – their Rumours album was the soundtrack of my teens (LOVED The Chain) and I also have very fond memories of Supertramp, the Beach Boys, the Eagles and most of those you have on your playlist. It was a lovely walk down memory lane.


    • Hi Leanne, those are some of my favourite artists as well. We really grew up in the best era musically didn’t we? My kids are envious that we could enjoy 50’s and 60’s and be young enough to enjoy the 70s 80’s and 90s. Rumours was my first ever LP! Still one of the best albums ever made, Regards Christina


  4. I actually don’t listen to music much Christina but when I do I love it. I used to, but now find I struggle to concentrate on work / writing / blogging with sound in the background. But when something comes on that I used to love or dance to it really re-energises me.


  5. I sure do love different types of music. I do not play an instrument but I do enjoy singing. I was in choirs and I loved teaching kids in class some of the kids’ songs. I have playlists of favourites that keep me calm, happy and connected and I used many of these on my trips back and forth to Sydney for cancer treatments. In fact, if I play one now, I am immediately back one or two years. Right now my iphone is playing a LOT of Hamilton interspersed with my fave Christmas songs.

    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next week is the last Share Your Snaps for 2020 and then only one week to go after that before a short break with Life This Week returning on Mon 4 January 2021. Hope to see you next week too. Denyse.


    • Hi Denyse, I’m sorry I didn’t link up this week. It’s been very hectic lately and I’ve been having a lot of technical issues with my blog.
      I love to sing as well. It’s so uplifting to sing in a choir. It’s amazing how certain songs take you back in time in your memories, isn’t it. Regards, Christina


  6. It was lovely to read your experience with music as each person has their own story. To uplift my mood, I like to listen to country music and Pop music.


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