Gift Ideas for Someone Who Is Sick

Gifts that Bring Comfort to a Sick Person

It can be difficult to buy a gift that brings comfort to someone who is sick.  I have been on both sides of the sick role, as patient and nurse. While it is common to buy the usual chocolates and flowers, I will suggest alternatives that show you have put a little thought into the gift.

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Edible Gifts

Hospitalised people usually love a gift of their favourite food and drink.  Please check with the hospital first. Some hospitals have policies that ban home cooked food, or the patient may be on a restricted diet.  

Peppermint tea is very good for abdominal pain and is allowed on most diets.  Camomile tea may be used to aid sleep.  Most hospitals only supply black tea and coffee, and cows milk. If there is any other favourite beverage this usually goes down well.  Highly carbonated drinks are not a good idea for anyone who has had abdominal surgery as the gas can cause bloating and abdominal pain.

Fresh fruit is preferable to sweets and chocolates.  It is better for digestion and healthier.  Plain biscuits may be appreciated if the recipient is on a bland diet or has a lot of nausea.  Home made clear broth is usually allowed even on the strictest diet.  Other home made pureed soups are great because they are nutritious without being difficult to eat.

For people with a poor appetite, or those recovering from surgery or an injury, high protein snacks and drinks help with healing.

Gift Ideas for Someone Who is Sick.  A collage of suggested gifts - A soft blanket, reading material, peppermint tea, fruit, warm socks, books and magazines
Gift Ideas for Someone Who Is Sick

Gifts that bring Comfort

My boomerang pillow has been a vital comfort whenever I have been in hospital. Hospital pillows aren’t very soft, and a boomerang pillow helps me position myself comfortably.

A soft, warm blanket helps with comfort as well.  Because hospital rooms can be drafty, a small blanket or shawl can help to keep their shoulders warm when they are sitting out of bed, or can wrap around their legs.

Some people really feel the heat so a small portable fan can be a welcome relief.

A wheat bag or heat pad alleviates pain.  Check that the hospital policy allows it, and avoid using heat packs for elderly people or those with altered conscious levels as they can cause burns.

Wearable Gifts

Slippers should be chosen for safety as well as comfort.  Make sure they fit correctly and avoid scuffs for older people.  Badly fitting slippers account for many falls in elderly people.  See my post, Gift Guide for the Older Gentleman in Your Life for more suggestions on gifts for elderly people.

Pyjamas, a dressing gown and socks are nice gifts for someone who is sick.  Offering to do their washing is a very thoughtful suggestion.  

Other Gift Suggestions

Other gift ideas for someone who is sick include:

  • Things to while away the hours, e.g. packs of cards, puzzle books, magazines, books, games, DVDs or hand held games.
  • Toiletries, especially toothpaste and toothbrush, comb, body wash.
  • Offer to help with chores while they are recovering.  For those on restricted movement, offering to walk their dog or pick up some groceries would help.
  • Sometimes just being there to listen can be appreciated.  Being unwell, whether it is an acute illness, injury or surgery, or a chronic illness, can leave someone isolated and lonely.  Being a good listener can be more important than any gift.

I hope you found these gift ideas for someone who is sick useful.  If you enjoyed this, you may also enjoy:

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  1. Thank you for these very good suggestions. I have a friend who has stage IV breast cancer. I want to be a good friend and give her something she wants and can really use. Your list gives me several good ideas.


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