What I Really Want For Christmas in 2020

Family Unity is More Important Than Gifts

My Christmas wish list is a little different this year. What I really want for Christmas can’t be wrapped and placed under the tree. Christmas is a time for families to gather, often over a celebratory meal and the traditions like gift giving.  In Australia it is one of the main celebrations of the year.  Even if you don’t identify as Christian, most families gather together.

Most mothers take on the role of organising many of the Christmas traditions such as buying the gifts and preparing the food.  It can be a busy time leading up to the day as mothers tend to take on the extra tasks so that Christmas can be a happy time for their family.

Christmas Traditions

Every family has its own traditions for this time, whether it is watching the Carols by Candlelight, eating roast turkey, or going to Midnight Mass.  There is often food that she traditionally cooks every year because it is someone’s favourite.  

Every year there are a few things that I always cook.  My son loves turkey, but it has to be one specific turkey that I cook.  I was a single mother during their teens, and my budget didn’t stretch to buying a whole turkey.  I cooked a rolled turkey thigh that was frozen – it was pretty grim.  Even though I could now cook a whole turkey, my son insists on that awful rolled turkey thigh!  Every year we laugh about it, but that is what I still cook for him!

My Christmas Wish List

As another Christmas looms, I have put some thought into the gifts on my wishlist.  This year’s Christmas is sure to be extra special as most of us will be pleased to see the end of this very trying year.  These are the gifts I would love:

  • My family to be united to celebrate Christmas
  • Security and safety for my family
  • Good health – everyone remains Covid free, with the prospect of a vaccine soon
  • My sons are happy with life and both stay employed in jobs that they enjoy
  • Our country remains free of natural disasters
  • Our leaders keep our country safe and our economy strong
  • We are free to travel and enjoy our freedom again
  • Peace and serenity, gratitude for all that we are blessed with

I am optimistic that I will receive all the gifts on my wishlist this Christmas.  Wouldn’t it be a lovely celebration if we could all receive them?  It wasn’t that long ago that we took most of this for granted, but after this year I don’t take anything for granted anymore.

The Gift I Most Desire

Time with my family is even more precious now, as both sons moved out leaving us empty nesters.  The border was closed for most of the year meaning that I couldn’t see my family in New South Wales.  Our family has had many health issues, not from Covid, but from cancer and other issues.

This year the emphasis won’t be on material gifts, it will be on celebrating together as a family.  One of my brothers will be here, which will be lovely.  

My other brother has sadly distanced himself from the rest of the family after our father passed away.  It’s such a shame as dad’s dying wish was for all of us to be united as a family.  The situation seems insurmountable as he refuses all attempts of reconciliation. 

It may be the last year we spend with my mother-in-law too, as she has reached the palliative stage of lung cancer.  We will treasure every moment we have with her.  

This Christmas Will Be Different

This Christmas has taken on a different meaning for all of us.  We now don’t take for granted that we can cross the state border, or gather together as a family group.  Our health has been our focus and we no longer take that for granted either.  It will be a relief that we made it through one of the most challenging years any of us has ever seen.

I am so grateful for a Christmas celebration with the most precious thing, my family.

What gifts do you most look forward to receiving? Are you wanting intangible gifts like me? If you enjoyed this article, you may also enjoy:

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12 responses to “What I Really Want For Christmas in 2020”

  1. Hi Christina – Christmas has always been about family for me. We don’t buy gifts for the adults and I already have the grandgirls’ presents bought and wrapped. I used to get frustrated with trying to get the family together on a particular day, but now I’ve come to accept that any day somewhere near Christmas is fine – it’s having my husband, mum, kids, and grandgirls around me that makes my heart happy – the extended family is good too, but they aren’t who my heart beats for. I’m also beyond grateful that we can be together without covid impacting us – and I feel so sad for those who can’t.


    • Hi Leanne, I completely agree. As I usually do shift work and my sons worked in retail for years we haven’t always been able to celebrate together on Christmas Day. We always tried to celebrate as close to the day as possible. The same with birthdays. Now the conflict in dates is because we’re a merged family. We just have to divide our time up which can be a challenge! Family togetherness is always the most important thing. I’m grateful we can be together too – thank God the border restrictions have relaxed. Take care, Christina


  2. We’re fortunate as Christmas will be pretty normal in my part of Australia. I’m a bit bah-humbug about Christmas and have had several by myself and my mother and I have had a few alone over recent years. I think unless there are kids it’s hard to worry too much. This year my family is gathering though so there’ll be lunch and that sort of thing…


    • Hi Deborah, I must admit I was a Christmas Grinch for years. Having to work most years plus make a huge effort putting together a Christmas meal and getting stressed out buying presents is what did that! Now we make a rule – no presents, just celebrate with a meal. And the meal can be cold ham and salads. No more pressure! I hope your Christmas is lovely, regards Christina


  3. Hi Christina, your list is very heartfelt and honest. I hope you can get everything on your list as you deserve it. The year has been hard in so many ways and you have had a lot of extra issues to deal with. I can’t believe Christmas is nearly upon us and am not at all ready for it. I turn 60 just a few weeks beforehand so it’s a busy time. Family time is most important for me and this year will be harder than others. A lovely post. Take care x


    • Thank you so much Debbie. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too – your year has had it’s challenges too. We have lots of birthdays in December and January too which makes it a very busy time. I’m just so grateful we can be together, it must be hard having your family so far away. I wish you all the best, Christina.


  4. This is super important. The holiday season is about family, and it’s crucial that we remember that. I’m thankful I’ll be able to be with my family this year, and thank YOU for the reminder to be grateful!


    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment. That is the main reason for the holiday season, you are right. We never know what’s around the corner so we should treasure those moments. Regards Christina


  5. It is so tricky when families “grow up and apart”. I hear you. I hope that you remain well and continue your blogging in 2021. We will drive to Sydney to our daughter’s for Christmas. Last Christmas only I went because my husband was unwell. I look forward to seeing the family the most.

    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week the optional prompt is 46/51 Exams. 16.11.2020 Hope to see you then! Denyse.


    • Hi Denyse, yes it is definitely a big change when the kids are no longer under the same roof. It can be a challenge to make everyone happy! Thank you for your kind wishes, I hope you remain in good health too. Take care, Christina


  6. Such beautiful christmas wishes, really! It’s all about being together as a family and being grateful for all the good we have in our life. Thank you for sharing this!


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