The Best Workout Gear to Use at Home

This post will recommend the best workout gear to use at home. The best equipment for your home gym should be versatile, portable and of a decent quality. Paired with online workout routines like this one, you can effectively work out in the safety of your own home.

Staying active should be a priority in your daily routine. Making it to the gym isn’t as straightforward as it was pre-Covid. Many people have been put off because of the risk of contracting the virus, a valid fear. Working out at home has become a necessity for many people this year due to lock-downs and self isolation.   Home gym equipment is now a sought after item.  The challenge is buying the right equipment that you can use at home without the supervision of a trainer, that can be stored easily.

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Exercise at Home - a collage of images depicting women using exercise equipment. The best workout equipment to use at home includes skipping rope, exercise ball, hand weights, yoga mat, resistance bands and a kettle ball.
Exercise at Home.
A collage of women using exercise equipment at home, including skipping rope, exercise ball, hand weights, yoga mat, resistance bands and a kettle ball.

Recommended Workout Gear to Use at Home

I have been using a yoga mat for many years, not just for yoga.  Use it for stretches and floor exercises as well.  Make sure you buy one that reduces slips. Take a look at Yoga with Adriene on YouTube for free sessions for beginners to advanced.

I bought my son a resistance band set for his birthday and he said it’s the best birthday gift I’ve ever given him.  It can be used for many different exercises because it has attachments for attaching to a door and comes with a workout manual.  It’s portable and comes with a carry bag so is great while you’re traveling.   Look for ones with handles, ankle straps and a set of bands rather than a single band.

Hand weights make a huge difference to your workout at home.  Lightweight ones are great for repetitive exercises,  while heavier ones are great for strength training.  A hand-weight set of various sizes is a great addition to your home gym.

An exercise ball is great for stretches and working your core.  Sitting on one improves your posture, and it can be also used for strength and cardio workouts and pilates. Ensure you buy one that is the correct size for your height.

Kettle bells can be used for strength exercises such as dead-lifts and swings.  It takes up less storage space than a barbell and can be used in small spaces.  

For cardio there is arguably no better exercise than skipping.  A skipping rope is highly portable and takes up minimal storage space which makes it the perfect piece of equipment for home workouts or while traveling.   One with weighted handles is even better. 

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Before Starting Your Workout at Home

This equipment is enough to get you started on your home gym.  Remember the most important aspect of exercising is to choose one you enjoy and stick to it.  Get into a good routine where you exercise regularly, whether that be cardio and strength three times a week or second daily yoga.  Any regular exercise is essential for your mental and emotional health. If you are new to regular exercise or have significant health problems, see your doctor prior to starting a new exercise regime (see my disclaimer – this post is intended for general informational purposes only).

Workout Planner - use a planner like this to keep motivated.  You can set your goal for the week and track your progress.  Image source: Canva.  Data"- pin - nopin = "true"
Workout Planner – use a planner like this to keep motivated. You can set your goal for the week and track your progress.
Image source: Canva

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! As a home-based blogger, it’s important to have a solid workout routine and now that I don’t have access to the local gym I have been trying out different routines… One I didn’t even think of is skipping rope! So thank you for that!


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