Inspiring a Healthy Lifestyle Series

Guest interview with Lauren Spencer

Meet Lauren Spencer, licensed marriage and family therapy associate, who agreed to take part in my Inspiring Healthy Lifestyle Series. Her story is truly inspirational – her desire to help people shows how caring she is.

Lauren Spencer, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate
Lauren Spencer

A healthy lifestyle is only possible when we strive for mental and emotional wellness as well as physical health. That is even more true in today’s world where we are faced with more stress than ever before. Please read Lauren’s interview transcript as follows:

Tell me about yourself. What is your background and how does that impact what you do now?

Hello! I’m a licensed marriage and family therapy associate newly married to my favorite Army Captain. I have always wanted to be a therapist (literally since I was in the 7th grade) and graduated with my masters a year or so ago. Seeing couples is my sweet spot, along with people with anxiety disorders. 

I was born and raised in Gig Harbor, WA, and have been a self-proclaimed homebody my whole life. Marrying an active duty Army officer has changed a lot of that for me as we will be heading to South Korea in the fall to live for 2 years. My beloved dog will be coming with us as we start our journey of exploring the world. 

I am also a Christian, lover of romance, supporter of body positivity, and a Christmas fanatic.

My passions led me to pursue my career as a way to support people on their journeys and to start my own blog as a way of diversifying my time and expanding my reach to those outside of my clients. 

Lauren Spencer and her husband
Lauren and her husband

What drives you? Where do you get your passion?

I believe my passions are God-given, just like spiritual gifts. My motivation comes from inner hope. I became a therapist with the goal of sharing my hope to those who are struggling to hold it for themselves. I have hope that our relationships can heal, that we can heal, and that the world can work toward healing as well. Sometimes we just need help holding onto that hope when life is hard. Seeing clients, loved ones, and my own story experience healing drives me to seek new ways of supporting people on this journey called life. 

What is the defining moment that set you on this course of interest? Who or what inspired you?

I would say I am on 2 courses in life that intersect and diverge from one another all at the same time. What set me on the therapist course was my experience of having a mom who was gravely ill for much of my childhood. I didn’t have the “normal” childhood many have (though what really is normal?), and when I got older, I realized my experience of having support all throughout those hard times was not the norm. I became a therapist so that I could support others and offer them hope.

As for my blogging journey, I had a moment when I realized my life was absolutely wacky. Washington state homebody falls for an Army officer from Texas, he moves away, they do long distance for 6 months, he proposes, she says yes, wedding planning begins, 2 weeks later they find out he’s being stationed in South Korea for 2 years, they get married 2 weeks after the news so that she can get on his orders, COVID-19 happens, she road trips across the country with her dog and college roommate so she can spend 2 months with her husband before he leaves. Pretty crazy, right? That’s where my story is now. I’ll return home when he leaves, prepare for our “big” wedding in November, and then head off to South Korea afterward.

Lauren Taylor and her husband
Lauren and her husband

When I realized how crazy my story had become, I started to think of all the other military spouses out there who have even crazier stories than I do. I also realized that in starting a blog to tell my story, I would also be able to share my therapist tips and wedding know-how (especially for brides in a bind like I was). 

What inspired me? My own experiences honestly, and the hope that my life story could instill hope in someone else.

What are your goals in life?

My goal in life is to help people, which sounds cliche but hear me out. My career is driven by my desire to help restore relationships, between partners, families, with God, and even with ourselves. I want to restore hope to those battling mental health, improve my own relationship with mental health and body image, and then pass those traits on to my future children. Which leads into my eventual goal of being a mom. Right now I’m a doting dog mom, but I cannot wait for the day when there are mini mes running around. And, as I have said prior, my goal for my blog is to extend my reach to more people so that I can strive to help and provide hope to those I wouldn’t have otherwise met.

What message would you like the world to hear?

That there is always hope. The sun always rises. Even on our darkest days, even when life throws major curveballs, even when there is intense grief, there is hope. And, there are also always little joys scattered everywhere–sometimes we just have to open our eyes a little wider to see them.

In your opinion, what does the world need now that would improve it?
Empathy. 100%. Being able to stand in another person’s shoes and honor their emotions is vastly important. Imagine what would happen in social equality movements, marital conflicts, business settings, etc etc if we had empathy. I believe just about every aspect of human life could be improved if we all tapped into empathy even just a tiny bit more than our usual.

Please take a look at Lauren’s website and social media accounts:

I completely agree with Lauren that empathy would help the world become a much better place. Her message of hope is one we all need at the moment in these unprecedented times. If you are finding that you are not coping well as the pandemic continues to affect us in every aspect of our lives, consider therapy as a way of assisting you to get a different perspective, and learn coping strategies. Your first port of call should be your GP, who will be able to refer you to the appropriate services. Here are some phone numbers (Australia) where you can access free phone support:

Mental health services and phone numbers in Australia
Australian support services for Mental Health

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If you would like to be a guest in the series, contact me via the contact form. I would love to feature other people who have a passion for inspiring others to live a healthy lifestyle.

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