Midlife or Prime of our Lives?

Midlife or prime of our lives?

Post updated 24 June 2020

At our age (40’s and 50’s), we have friends who are having their first baby, as well as friends who have grandchildren. We can be in different stages of life – you may have chosen career first, or just not found the right person to settle down with earlier, so are just starting off married life together. Fertility problems may have delayed that first child too. On the other hand your kids might be off your hands and you’re experiencing freedom from school fees and weekend sports for the first time, also have more cash to spend on travel, yourself and your home.

Midlife is an exciting time and one which brings challenges too. Some of us may have to care for aging parents, or even have some health problems ourselves. We’re looking at retirement in the no-too-distant future and funding that so that our finances support a lifestyle that lasts 20 or more years.

The Midlifestylist blog covers some of the challenges and joys of this period in our lives. I have experienced many of them – health issues, divorce and remarriage, work-life balance, loss and grief, traveling, creating a home, and many more. I hope this resonates with my readers and would love to hear of some of the challenges and joys they experience in their lives.

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Please feel free to comment if you are facing different issues to the ones mentioned, and you may see an article about it in the future!


7 responses to “Midlife or Prime of our Lives?”

  1. There are followers on my blog who are in their 30s with teenagers. I had my first kid at 36. 🙂

    I love the diversity of the blogging community. Lots of empty nesters, grandparents, parents with teens like me, and new moms and dads, divorced parents, dating parents…

    And, they’re from all over the world…it’s been fun!

    You’re welcome to join us. 🙂

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    • Hi Claudette, thanks for your lovely comments! You can probably relate to how scary it is to start a blog from scratch, especially one so personal. I’m looking forward to being part of this community because it’s given me so much over the years. Thank
      you for welcoming me

      Liked by 1 person

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